After college Bill Hendrickson began his adult life in the Army during the Korean Conflict, 1950’s

Trained in counterintelligence during the Cold War in discovering and apprehending secret agents from Eastern Europe who were attempting to infiltrate US military units and obtain classified information to be used by the Soviets against the Western allies.

Entering the business world specialized in aiding businesses and individuals nationwide in understanding and arranging employee benefit health insurance for their business employees and individual families.

During the recent 12 years has single handedly arranged and produced “Time Out” a nationally respected radio interview show for WCOM, Carrboro, NC. This live show has welcomed Congressional leaders, local political personnel, educators, university faculty, religious and non-profit leaders, school children, first responders, and many others from unique and traditional professions or interests.

Born in small town in Ohio, high school in Lorain, Ohio, then College of Wooster, then US Army Counter Intelligence Corp. where I learned most about human relations among the friendly and otherwise. Followed by a career advising businesses and individuals as the types and costs of employee benefits and personal insurance. Now a radio interviewing host