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ARE YOU DEMENTED? OR DON’T YOU KNOW IT AND OTHERS WON’T TELL YOU? This is not a funny issue, because it can sneak up on you, others won’t exactly tell you, and before you recognize it yourself and begin to come to terms with it, there could be trouble. Within the last year I was confronted with different levels of dementia demonstrated by a brother-in-law (6 years younger than I) and two college classmates at different stages of this scourge.

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What Are You Doing of Value?

Will “Ole Rockin’ Chair git you”, or will you climb out of your sitting position and make something of yourself, whether or not you have made something of yourself up to this point in your long life? How often have you seen photos or moving pictures, likely in a rural setting, of the old geezers quietly rocking on the front porch or lazing in the yard hammock, or leaning on the fence either chatting with a neighbor or perhaps talking

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